TYPE S Auto Unveils Next-Generation Automotive Accessories at SEMA 2023
TYPE S Auto, a leader in automotive accessories, is thrilled to announce their presence at this year’s SEMA show. Known for their commitment to excellence TYPE S Auto is proud to announce the launc...
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TYPE S (a division of Horizon Brands, LLC) has been awarded AutoZone’s ‘WITTDTJR’ award during the 2021 AutoZone Vendor Summit.
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Koda Receives an Innovation Award
One of our most popular designs, the LED Linkable Shop Light has been selected by Hardware Retailing magazine as one of its recipients for the Innovation Award. 
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Tiny Traveler HD Baby Car Monitoring System Product Launch!
The Tiny Traveler HD Baby Car Monitoring System is designed to provide an easy way to keep an eye on your Tiny Traveler, while not taking your eyes off the road. 
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