PROJECT X is founded on the idea that products are currently being designed in a vacuum. There is no “outside-the-box thinking”; no fresh ideas. PROJECT X seeks to take the mold and break it by introducing new technology to product categories in the marketplace and give the consumer a whole new experience in the off-road marketplace and beyond. Originally conceptualized as an off-road lighting brand, our team began to look at how in-vehicle accessories are installed and controlled. Surprisingly, with all the commonly used products there were no total solutions for a single ecosystem which could easily control the devices. In an increasingly wirelessly connected world, the industry standard still relies heavily on hard wiring devices both for power and control. With this in mind, we had a clear path: create a total solution for vehicle lighting, control and mounting. Challenge the standard and develop an innovative and reliable wireless control system that would push the envelope and set a new industry standard.

Driving Lights

Say YES to night runs with our full line of LED driving lights! Our Series One and Series X auxiliary driving lights were designed specifically for the off-road adventure enthusiast and are built with the best components in LED technology to give your vehicle a unique look without sacrificing performance. With various sizes and performance levels to choose from, there’s a PROJECT X driving light for every application. Don’t be left in the dark, order yours today!


Normal headlights just don’t cut it. Upgrade to our ELITE OPTX 7-inch Headlights with built-in 4K and HD cameras! In addition to drastically improving night time driving and adding a unique daytime-running light to your Jeep JK, our headlights are the first to use the latest camera technology to help you keep an eye on the trail ahead. Use the PROJECT X Off-Road App and be your own spotter, save your footage for later, or share your adventures on social media. The ELITE OPTX headlights will forever change how you see the road (or trail) ahead!

Rock Lights

Whether you want to add some color to your build, keep an eye on your suspension at night, or record 4K video form under your rig, our best-in-class rock light kits are the answer. With optional built-in 4K cameras, dedicated white and RGB LED chip sets, and an omnidirectional beam pattern, our 1680-lumen rock lights don’t sacrifice performance for personalization. Easily configure colors and flash patterns easily through the PROJECT X Off-Road app. Buy them as a kit or build your own system of up to 6 rock lights per hub!

Ghost Box

The ultimate control of your powered accessories. GHOST BOX is the most sophisticated and seamless switch box for your vehicle’s accessories that allows you to configure individual settings such as low-voltage cut-off, timers, flash patterns, and much more – completely wirelessly! That’s right, no more bundles of wires through your dash. The GHOST BOX keypad can be paired to up to 24 GHOST BOX modules via Bluetooth and a WiFi mesh network, turning any 12v accessory into a smart product, and part of your vehicle’s ecosystem. Reliable, fast, and easy to use – buy a GHOST BOX kit or build your own system to connect with the wild like never before!