KODA offers more than just another LED fixture. Our success is a result of inspiration and commitment to innovation.  Our fixtures are designed to provide the right combination of lighting that not only creates an inviting environment, but also creates an emotional experience when you enter your home. Our passion for creating innovative and energy efficient lighting products comes from our intense focus on you. Our goal is your happiness and the sustainability of our planet in offering ecofriendly lighting products. When our products light up life’s most memorable moments, our world gets a little brighter.

Indoor Lighting

KODA understands that modern ceiling lights, including pendant lights, are more artful than ever before, making them particularly distinctive and desirable. Making sure that the pendant lighting you choose are not only ones that you love but also ones that are optimal for the living experience, is as essential as almost any other feature of lighting design.

Outdoor Lighting

Whether your home overlooks the seaside, or you live the urban life, selecting the right lighting fixture your outdoor space is good for your mind and body. KODA understands that by selecting contemporary outdoor lighting fixtures that works best for you, your space, your climate, and your lifestyle is one of the exciting parts of creating a memorial outdoor living or dining area.

Garage & Work

A bright, well-lit workbench, workspace, or garage is essential when it comes to getting your projects completed quickly and effectively. KODA’s LED shop and work lights are designed for just that, capable of producing the high-powered light you need, and are much more efficient than older halogen, fluorescent, or incandescent bulbs you may have had in the past.

Smart Lighting

Statement lighting doesn't always mean being the center of attention. KODA Smart Lighting fixtures, including our flush mount lighting can be every bit as dramatic as center-stage pendants and comprise lighting solutions both innovative and visually striking. With motion sensor technology, combined with selectable color tuning, dimming, and ambient settings, there are many reasons to choose modern flush mount lighting over other types of lighting models.


Outdoor security lights can deter lurkers and would-be criminals, alert you to unwanted visitors, and simply provide the convenience of a well-lit exterior for nightly trash runs. KODA offers security lights with flexible programming such as dusk-to-dawn and motion detection modes, adjustable brightness, and detection ranges, and limited on-times to give you a customized experience.