April 13, 2022

First-time and even seasoned parents always have a feeling of anxiety when they first start to travel with their newborn baby. We all know, keeping your eyes on the road and trying to watch over your baby is quite difficult and dangerous. Tiny Traveler’s mission is to make driving with your baby safer by helping you keep an eye on your infant without taking your eyes off the road.

Designed by our family with your family in mind, Tiny Traveler is driven to create innovative products designed to keep your Tiny Travelers safe, while giving you a little peace of mind wherever your adventures take you. The Tiny Traveler HD Baby Car Monitoring System is designed to provide an easy way to keep an eye on your Tiny Traveler, while not taking your eyes off the road. This would eliminate the need to reposition the rearview mirror, installing an add-on back seat mirror, and turning your head away from the road to view the backseat.

The Tiny Traveler’s monitor is designed to provide you with the best view in your vehicle by mounting onto your dashboard or front windshield, while the camera can either clip onto the headrest strap or the pole mount clip. Our dual screen feature allows you to pair two cameras to one monitor which will allow you to keep an eye on more than just one Tiny Traveler.

The Tiny Traveler HD Baby Car Monitoring System has integrated night vision technology to give you a clear view of your Tiny Traveler without operating the cabin lights and risking waking them while they sleep. Our alert feature will send an audio and visual notification to check the rear seat for Tiny Travelers before exiting the vehicle.

Safety is our number one priority, and we care about the safety of our parents and their Tiny Travelers, we put our best efforts toward providing products that give parents a peace of mind. By incorporating innovative technology, our Tiny Traveler HD Baby car Monitor system is designed to take away any complications or added stress when using our products.

As parents ourselves, we are passionate about what we do for our families and our work. We spent our time in research and development to provide the best design, quality, and technology by listening to what you wanted from a car baby monitor system. We are driven to change these experiences, creating a safer and more comfortable journey with your baby, wherever you go.

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