We've always been here. For over 20 years, we've been provided innovative ways to personalize your vehicle. We've lit the way, given you the power to continue the journey, provided you visibility where you needed it, and helped you record your travels. We've protected your interior from daily use, you've trusted and counted on us when you needed us the most. We are TYPE S.


We are committed to always going above and beyond the norm. We invest in our own proprietary designs and technologies so we can deliver a truly unique and innovative experience for our customers. This includes being the first company in the US market to offer a patented wired backup camera design, a UL-approved lithium powered jump starter, and a solar-powered wireless backup camera.

Hard work and innovation means nothing if the result isn't a quality product. At TYPE S, we build our products with pride. Before we release them to the market, we conduct rigorous testing and seek sign-off from our biggest critics - our employees, friends and family.


TYPE S has the power to get you back on the road and to keep you connected. We've got you back in more ways than one. We will get your car jump-started, keep your vehicle's battery charged & maintained, give your favorite mobile devices power on the go, and provide your home with emergency backup power when the grid goes down. Our portable power solutions will keep you on the road and moving forward.


Nearly a decade ago, TYPE S launched the industry's first app-controlled LED lighting program for retail. Today, the brand remains at the forefront of vehicle lighting innovation on the track, on the road and on the trails. Consumers and retail partners across North America rely on TYPE S for premium, do-it-yourself, aftermarket vehicle lighting.


TYPE S seat covers are the perfect accessory for those vehicle owners needing an extra layer of protection for their front and rear vehicle seating. TYPE S seat covers with Dri-Lock® Technology, can keep everything looking great. Our TYPE S seat covers offer an ultra-durable material that is also water and stain resistant for the ultimate seat protection. A much-needed accessory for the family road trip warriors or pet car ride companions to prevent scratches, damage, or spills from ruining the seat surface.


Car seat cushions are an excellent way to improve your driving experience. Our TYPE S selection of car seat cushions combine both aesthetics and utility, with deluxe memory foam lining for ultra-softness and a color scheme and weave pattern that blends in well with any vehicle interior.  Great for office use, driving & traveling.


Make your daily commute safer with a high-resolution dash cam, back-up camera, or both! Record the road ahead and see behind your vehicle in clarity with confidence. Protect yourself and others by driving safer with dependable, do-it-yourself camera technology. Enhance your driving safety, today.