Our Brands

TYPE S was founded by automotive enthusiasts and business partners, Allen and Dan over 20 years ago. Their vision was to give consumers high-quality vehicle accessories that improve the driving experience.

Today, TYPE S has grown to be an automotive aftermarket powerhouse with a refined array vehicle electronics, customization accessories, and soft goods. Millions of premium-value, do-it-yourself products have been sold worldwide. Through strategic partnerships, TYPE S can be found at fine retailers such as Costco, AutoZone, Advance Auto, Pep Boys, Target, Walmart, and more.

Consumers have come to know the brand for having superior craftsmanship and service for vehicle smart LED lighting, cameras, portable jump starters, soft goods, power, and customization accessories.

Enhance your drive.


At Koda™, we are a team of inventors, product enthusiasts, designers, engineers and marketers, and our mission is simple: To provide quality, durable and innovative products that make your life easier and more enjoyable.

Koda is more than a brand name, it’s a dedication to creating new products that enhance your well-being across your entire home, and this is accomplished through careful design, engineering and manufacturing at all levels. Built with quality, care and innovation, Koda products deliver an upgrade to your home and workplace with features you want and need from a brand you can trust.


Project X is founded on the idea that products are currently being designed in a vacuum. There is no “outside-the-box thinking”; no fresh ideas. Project X seeks to take the mold and break it by introducing new technology to product categories in the marketplace and give the consumer a whole new experience in the off-road marketplace and beyond. Originally conceptualized as an off-road lighting brand, our team began to look at how in-vehicle accessories are installed and controlled. Surprisingly, with all the commonly used products there were no total solutions for a single ecosystem which could easily control the devices. In an increasingly wirelessly connected world, the industry standard still relies heavily on hard wiring devices both for power and control. With this in mind, we had a clear path: create a total solution for vehicle lighting, control and mounting. Challenge the standard and develop an innovative and reliable wireless control system that would push the envelope and set a new industry standard.


Michelin is first and foremost a fantastic human adventure dating back over 130 years. Inspired by the past, today’s adventure is already shaping the future. An adventure driven by audacity and a thirst for innovation since its creation by a pair of visionary brothers.

Mobility is essential for human development. Michelin passionately innovates to improve performance, efficiency, safety and sustainability. Michelin is firmly committed to offering customers uncompromising quality. This is the highest priority.

Michelin: Offer everyone a better way forward.

Horizon Brands is proud to be the exclusive distributor of Michelin® automotive matting and soft accessories in North America.


BF Goodrich is not the type of brand to stand back, it has been built by passionate enthusiasts, for passionate enthusiasts. Offering a personalized experience with extreme capability, proven product and purposeful design.

BFGoodrich users—whether driving on-road, or off-road or hauling freight—are not the kinds of drivers to just sit back and watch. They’re hands-on, take-the-wheel doers who actively seek the opportunity to prove themselves. They don’t quit until the job is done.

Horizon Brands is proud to be the exclusive distributor of BFGoodrich® automotive matting and soft accessories in North America.


No1 Selling Toy Partnership.

Globally recognized Hot Wheels partnered with Horizon Brands in 2020 with a single goal, to develop a iconic range of automotive air care products. Elliot Handler conceived the first Hot Wheels in 1968 with the vision to develop “hot rod” style scaled models with an individual design flare that has grown into the multi-generational brand today loved by children and adults alike. 

From the first introduction of the customized, big wheel, flamed paint jobbed, small scale models, the brand has gone on to develop over 20,000 models, selling over six billion units. Hot Wheels celebrates it birthday on May 18th making the brand 52 years old, in those 52 years the brand has achieved some amazing milestones including breaking 3 Guinness World Records. The brand has never been more relevant with the hash tag #HOTWHEELS being shared every 30 seconds on social media.

Horizon brands has worked with Hot Wheels rich heritage to bring to life a range of automotive air fresheners. From the exclusively developed fragrances to the mounting options available no detail has been overlooked, making this range worthy of the “Hot Wheels” stamp of approval… It's not the same without the flame!

Do you remember your first car?



DRIVE TEC is an automotive aftermarket brand designed exclusively for Amazon. Whether it be high-tech, low-tech, or somewhere in between, DRIVE TEC gives consumers high-quality, value-driven products to improve vehicles and the driving experience.


Yada connect drivers with high-quality, cost-effective tech for life on the road. For almost two decades, the team has developed automotive aftermarket electronics and accessories sold at notable retail stores across the country. Consumers are upgrading their driving experience with simple, do-it-yourself tech and accessories for the car. Yada yada…yup, that’s where we got our name.


Tiny Traveler creates simple, innovative tech to keep your little ones safe while you’re on the road. Comprised of parents, our team is committed to bringing parents and families alike, high-quality, user-friendly products they need for their vehicles. The in-car safety and well-being of your tiny traveler is our number one priority.


Tie it down and strap it up. 

Cling was developed as an alternative to traditional bungee’s and tie downs. A range of items developed to make the category accessible and friendly. Manufactured in partnership with world leading partners, exclusively available at Target.